Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Can Only Imagine. . .

I can only imagine

what it would be like

to not have to convert

everything while cooking!

I don't know about you, but for me to follow a simple recipe from America, I have to convert everything into metric. Ounces to milligrams, ounces to liters, etc. The butter comes in packages of 100 mg (milligram) with is a little less than 1/2 cup, the milk comes in 1 liter boxes, and the meat is sold by the killogram.

My roommate and I were discussing this and she exclaimed "My mind doesn't run in celsius!" She acutally met metric (since we were in the kitchen cooking) - but we convert fahrenheit to celsius regularly too!

Thank goodness for conversion charts online! I use them rather regularly!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Students!

Well, as you know I work at an international school. Although many of the students are American, they know very little about that country and of course the students not from there know even less.

We are doing a "World's Fair" in about 2 weeks and each grade is studying a country. The first graders were asked what country they would be studying, today during chapel, "America" said one child, but his neighbor clarified for him, "The USA of America!"

As the speaker came up later on in Chapel, the question was asked, "What State is Miss Schnake from?" The students eagerly said, "America," (not really a state). "But where in America?" the teacher asked, "um, the middle," responded a child. "True, but what state is she from?" the teacher asked again. "Mexico!" was the next answer.

So maybe geography isn't their strength! But it sure brings some humerous moments!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My students are quite funny!

Today in music class (Pre-1st), I asked the students how we could keep a steady beat as we sang to them (greeting / closing song). We do this everyday, so they are starting to come up with new ideas. One of the little boys showed me a motion I had never seen before. So I asked him what to call it. He declared "Shave." So we wiped our fingers across our upper lip to the beat and sang, "Shave for Fulop. . ." I was laughing inside. At the end of class the same little boy came up with this lion roaring motion, with a scowl on the face. He declared, "We can call it grump." So we sang "Grump for Fulop. . ." I had never heard these in all my years of teaching 5 year olds. These little ones truly brighten my day!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here's my story it's sad but true. . .

It's about a water heater that I once knew. . .

Three visits from the repair men - and I'm praying we have heat tonight! This all began last year when we would take showers and this terrible loud banging sound would occur. It continued this year with the hot water changing to cold water during the shower or while washing dishes. Two days ago, my roommate and I decided that we should turn on the heat (it has been getting pretty cold at night here). The hot water was now working, but when we turned the heater on the banging sound came back. The repair men came for the second time and nothing improved. So today, I've been hanging around in my living room and am praying that their hours of work will produce constant heat. I think I've now realized the importance of working equipment. It is pretty essential for a warm house. I am grateful that we realized the lack of heat before it got too cold outside. I'm hopeful for a warm house this winter!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jars of Clay

Well, the past week has been a busy one. I'm still working on my schedule - trying not to be too busy, but still have some plans. I'll be teaching piano lessons 1 day a week and have an 8th Grade Girls Bible Study on another day of the week. The rest of the days are for hanging out, shopping and whatever else comes up.
Last week I was able to go to a Jars of Clay Concert in Budapest. It was only standing up, but I found some boxes by the side to sit on. Although I don't really know a lot of their songs I really enjoyed it. Especially the more acoustic songs toward the end - they were really nice! Here is a picture of the band and some of me with my friends (three 8th graders and 1 of their moms).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School has begun!

Yes, yesterday was the first day of school! I thought it went very well. I only had 2 art classes and 2 chapels on my schedule for the day. In 5th grade art we explored colors using food coloring and icing! The kids got to eat small cookies with colored icing when we were done with class. I think they liked it. Today, I begin my music classes.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My students say the funniest things!

So I thought I would tell you a bit about my students. They say the funniest things. First of all I have a student who doesn't always call me "Miss Wood." Instead she just says, "Hey Wood!" It always cracks me up.

The other day one of my students asked if he could whisper something into my ear. Well, I explained that this isn't always polite in public. He proceeded to grab my right hand and point at my diamond ring. He asked if I had gotten it as a present (implying engagement). I said "Yes, from my grandpa" (it was my grandmother's 25th wedding anniversary ring). At this point our conversation had interested some other 1st graders, who began telling me that their mothers had the "exact same ring." It just made me laugh.

Tonight, I went to one of my students' house. As I arrived, I'm clobbered by the 2nd grader, who stays pretty close to me all evening. Hugging me or leaning into me at the dinner table. As I was leaving she asked me how old I was. I told her to guess. Her best guess was "45"! Isn't a child's perspective always amusing in regards to age. Last week, one of my students told me I looked like a teenager! It was a compliment because she thinks that teenagers are pretty cool (she is in 4th grade). So in one week I went from being a teenager to 45! Too funny.